Summer Boot Camp Junior 2021

Summer Boot Camp junior  is a program that targets students aged between  8 and  17 who  are passionate about new technologies but above all about creating and carrying out innovative projects.   

During this  Boot Camp we adopt an educational approach centered on the passion of young talent and digital creation in order to allow him to develop his imagination,  to convert his ideas into digital production and above all to share it with his comrades with a lot of confidence in self and pride. The young talent, during this Boot Camp goes through the following process:

  • Young talent passion discovery workshops. Ideation workshops for  the design  and creation of project ideas.
  • Technological and digital workshops to convert the ideas created into a digital work.
  • Demoday for sharing and presenting completed projects.

Our Programs We have organized the programs according to packs and according to the age category. Each pack includes a program and includes training modules. We have  Poussin packs   which target students aged between 8 and 11 years old and  Benjamin packs  which target students aged between 12 and 17 years old. The detail of the packs would be described in this catalog.