Seghirek Yetfanen 2018

Sghirek Yetfanen ” is the festival of digital and technological creation for children and college students.

Sghirek Yetfanen ” will be organized on March 22 and 23, 2018 at the French Institute of Tunisia in Tunis and on March 24 at the Nabeul cultural center by  DALL  ( CREATEC  ‘s  DigiArt Living Lab ) in collaboration with the General Council for Regional Development and the management regional education authority of Cap Bon.

This festival comes following the closure of the creative and digital content production workshops that our living Lab ( DALL ) provided for 4 months with schools and colleges in the region.

These workshops allowed students accompanied by their educators to learn 3D, animation and video game production techniques in order to transform the educational content taught into a film or video game.

During this festival, students will have the opportunity to present their work to the general public. The particularity of this festival is that the jury will also be students of the same age group who have been selected and prepared to carry out this mission.

Sghirek Yetfanen ” will also offer free digital creation workshops for 2 days to students from schools and colleges in Cap Bon, but it is also open to all other schools in Tunisia.

These workshops will be led by our professionals and enthusiasts of these digital and creative technologies who will be assisted by students who have already taken advantage of the production workshops. This approach makes it possible to instil in students the spirit of sharing and allows them to develop their capacity for communication and a sense of responsibility among students.