Global Game Jam Next 2021

Welcome to GGJ NEXT 2021

GGJ NEXT® is an international game jam dedicated to young creators, brought to you by the Global Game Jam® team. We are reaching out to you today to tell you that our call for sites is now open on the GGJ NEXT website .

We launched GGJ NEXT® in 2018 in 20 countries, with over 800 kids participating, It was exciting to see their enthusiasm and games that they made. We hope you can help us grow bigger and reach more young people. In 2020 we transitioned GGJ NEXT® to a virtual event in response to the global pandemic and will continue to do so for 2021 as well.

GGJ NEXT® brings together talented young people ages 12-17 within their school and community. It is a unique opportunity for students to push their skills and learn collaborative ways of working. Our jam has participants rally around a central theme, and create a game in a limited time frame.
We encourage people to try out new ideas, gain confidence and experience the excitement of game development. We feel that If they can build a game, they can do anything they set their minds to and will be successful in many endeavors.

DDL for the registration is 26 July 2021

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